THE BRONX - The Easco Boiler Corporation, a black-owned company based in Hunts Point, has spent the last 90 years bringing jobs to the Bronx.

"When you give to people, the money lives and grows forever," says Leon Eastmond, who took over from his father in 1948.

Now Eastmond's grandson, Tyren, is the chief operating officer, and he has ambitious plans for growth.

"I'm looking forward to growing and bringing more jobs, bring more development to this area, and seeing if we can make this a centerpiece of the city," the younger Eastmond says.

Currently, 70 percent of Eastco's workers are Bronx residents. Assemblyman Michael Blake describes the company as "a city treasure."

"When we're talking about creating jobs for Bronxites, creating jobs for New Yorkers, Easco is doing just that," Blake says.

The Eastmonds say their focus is on creating jobs among the black and Latino communities, and advocates are praising their work.

"All I'm saying to the mayor and to every other elected official, this is what manufacturing looks like, this is what a minority business looks like," says Bertha Lewis, founder of the Black Institute. "This deserves your support, if nothing else."