THE BRONX - A pilot and the boy he inspired have reunited a decade after they first met.

Elijah Hedrington was 5 years old when Capt. Eric Scott showed him around the cockpit of an airplane. Since that day, Hedrington says he knew he wanted to be a pilot.

"He wanted to know everything about the airplane," Capt. Scott said. "And because I have a passion for the job, I took it upon myself and said, 'Hey, come on up and let me explain some of this stuff to you.'"

JetBlue arranged for the two to be reunited at John F. Kennedy International Airport, where their bond began.

Capt. Scott has taken Hedrington under his wing and wants to mentor him on his road to becoming a pilot.

Hendrington says that he and the captain have really bonded and become friends.

Hendrington is starting his sophomore year at Bronx Aerospace High School. Once finished, he says he would like to go to Middlebury College in Vermont to study to be both a neurologist and a pilot.