THE BRONX - A Bronx resident, jailed five times for drugs and gun possession offenses, has cataloged his criminal beginnings and his pathway toward success in a book.

"From D.O.C. to C.E.O." tells the story of Jemell "Casper" Hill, who grew up on East 229th Street. With his father in jail for murder and his mother addicted to crack, Hill chose to sell drugs at the age of 12 just to make enough money to eat.

After getting out of prison, Hill worked a minimum wage job, then started his own publishing and real estate company in Pennsylvania.

With his book, Hill wants to get out one simple message:

"I walked the same streets as you, I made a lot of the mistakes as you. You don't have to go that way. Save yourself years of heartache and pain. Just do things the right way, and your life will be better."

The book is currently on sale.