THE BRONX - A hip-hop pioneer was back in the Bronx on Monday to promote a new initiative merging hip-hop and education.

Grandmaster Caz returned to the Bronx after a whirlwind tour of performances and making music, including recording the hit "Downtown" with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.

His new venture is to push forth the nonprofit "Windows of Hip Hop."

"Once you infuse hip-hop into learning and you make it a positive vehicle, ain't no stopping the culture or your kids' development," says Grandmaster Caz.

The new campaign is a Bronx-based economic development project that promotes the educational, communal and historical perspective of hip-hop.

"You can take hip-hop and use it as a learning tool," says Grandmaster Caz. "You can enhance the culture as well as enhancing a new generation."

The campaign has already been introduced in several schools throughout the Bronx, including St. Joseph's back in January. The program's goal is to reach 75,000 students as soon as possible.

Grandmaster Caz and the rest of the members of the Windows of Hip Hop say they will work every day to ensure they reach those 75,000 students, with the eventual goal of having an educational hip-hop campus based the Bronx.