THE BRONX - A Bronx woman hoping to save money on cosmetic surgery by getting it on vacation in February in the Dominican Republic died during the procedure.

Beverly Brignoni and her boyfriend, Lesley Martinez, went to the Dominican Republic on Feb. 19. Her godmother, Bernadette Lamboy, says she decided to get cosmetic surgery done while on vacation there so she could get more procedures done for less money. She paid $6,300 for a series of surgeries, including liposuction.

Brignoni underwent surgery at the Vista Del Jardin Medical Center, but family members say she died on the operating table. Lamboy says she was told by a doctor that Brignoni died during surgery from a pulmonary embolism. Lamboy says the doctor also told her Brignoni had to be revived earlier during the surgery.

Brignoni's family says the medical center is refusing to refund any part of the surgery. The family is working on a lawsuit against the surgeon.