NEW YORK - (AP) - A $2.1 billion boost in projected tax revenuewill keep the city from making new cuts to services, but the cityis forging ahead with previously announced cuts that would slice6,000 teaching jobs, shutter senior centers and pull millions ofdollars for youth jobs, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said today as heannounced his budget proposal for next fiscal year.

Bloomberg is banking on $600 million in state concessions tobalance the $65.6 billion city budget, saying that city agenciesand schools will face further cuts if the state doesn't comethrough on education aid, revenue sharing and retirement payments.Bloomberg called on the Legislature to require all the state'scities to equally share in cuts to revenue-sharing funds, a movethat would save the city $200 million, as part of the concessionshe's asking from the state.

The mayor proposed laying off 4,666 teachers and cutting another1,500 jobs through attrition. Those losses, representing roughlyone out of every 12 teachers in the nation's largest public schoolsystem, are the same cuts Bloomberg initially proposed in Novemberin response to a multibillion-dollar budget shortfall.