THE BRONX - Following a two-week search, investigators have confirmed that the body found over the weekend in Niagara Falls is the 12-year-old Bronx girl who was swept away by the river.

The remains of Magdalena Lubowska were discovered by two kayakers in the lower Niagara River near the spot where the teen was last seen before she slipped on a mossy rock while hiking along the river bank with about 20 teenagers.

The girl was sent on a two-week vacation to the Renaissance House summer camp, operated by Eva Hedges. According to attorney Gus Michael Farinell, who represents the girl?s parents, Hedges? son took the group on a nature hike, and Lubowska strayed to dip her feet in the water when she was swept by the rushing rapids.

?We need justice and I want to find my daughter, we are waiting for her,? said the girl?s father, Mariusz Lubowski, during a candlelight vigil last week.

Farinell says the girl?s parents find comfort in the fact that their daughter reached a resting place, but now they want to move to the next phase and press charges against the owners of the camp.

The teen?s parents say they want to make sure that what happened to their daughter doesn?t happen to any other child. They urge other parents to make certain that the camps they send their children to are registered and certified.

"Magdalena loved the Bronx,? Farinell says. ?She will not be forgotten.?

Funeral services for the girl are expected to be held later in the week.