THE BRONX - People living at 1380 University Ave. fear they may be without heat soon due to a dispute over a boiler in the building's parking lot.

A few weeks ago, the building's owner set up a temporary boiler in the parking lot after tenants complained they were often without heat. The parking lot and building are owned by different people and Mario Pena, who owns the lot, says the building's owner never got permission to put the boiler there.

In a letter obtained by News 12 The Bronx, Pena and his company, Zafiro Parking, say they're "starting the repossession procedure for this mechanical equipment, with the intention to auction it."

Pena says the boiler's been taking up seven spaces in the lot for about two months and he wants $20,000 compensation from the building's owner. Workforce Housing Advisors, the company that owns the building, claims it was given permission to put the boiler there.