THE BRONX - Thieves in the Bronx have been breaking into cars to steal GPS devices, leaving drivers to pay for the replacement of the GPS and the broken windshield.

Police say that some cars are easier targets than others, especially the ones that are still mounted in the windshield. Windshields that have GPS holders visible are also signs to thieves who often break the windshield in order to steal the navigation systems. GPS devices are then sold on the street and on the Internet.

While drivers have to incur the cost of the stolen navigation system, the cost to replace broken windows is just as expensive.

?If they break windows, those start at about 150 dollars plus the labor to install them. So, it's about another $250 on top to fix your vehicle,? says Alberto Fierro, who works at a local repair shop. Fierro says his shop repairs at least 2 broken windshields a week.

Police urge drivers to purchase tracking devices in order to recover their GPS.

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