THE BRONX - Mourners remembered those who died in the fire at the Happy Land nightclub 24 years ago Tuesday.

To date, the Happy Land fire is remembered as one of the city's most deadly, with 87 people losing their lives due to emergency exits being blocked, which made it impossible for the victims to escape.

Police say a man who was mad at his ex-girlfriend poured gasoline on the stairs of the nightclub and lit a match. Within minutes, the entire establishment erupted in flames.

The tragic fire helped bring stricter regulations to nightclubs, such as occupancy limits, smoke detector regulations and exit signs. The effects of the fire still echo to this day, with the community board and six local lawmakers pushing that Twinshore nightclubs be up to code on managing fire hazards.

Mourners attended a commemorative Mass Tuesday night and marched to the memorial monument located in front of the nightclub.