Bronx activist Nilka Martell’s Parkchester apartment burglarized

Nearly $15,000 in goods were taken, along with priceless photographs. (7/9/14)

THE BRONX - A local activist dedicated to cleaning up the borough had her Parkchester apartment burglarized. 

According to Nilka Martell, her home was broken into while she was gone for only an hour and a half over the weekend.  

She says her laptop, Google tablet, cash, book bag and a stack of personal documents were all stolen, a nearly $1,500 loss. More than 30,000 photos of the Bronx were also taken. 

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People in Martell's community launched a fundraising campaign to help replace some of the stolen items, and it's already passed the $500 mark. 

Martell and the GIVE group work to clean up local parks, rivers and neighborhoods. She says that despite what happened to her, she has no plans on moving away or stopping the work she does to better the area. 

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