THE BRONX - Up-and-coming Bronx actor Moises Acevedo sat down with News 12 this week to discuss his rise from Bronx Community College to appearing in movies and on television.

He says that after his first role in a student production, he began going door to door, handing out resumes and headshots and auditioning for roles. Finally, he got a call back to appear in his big-screen debut alongside Jodie Foster.

"It was one line," Acevedo says. "It was very small, but in this business, in this world, there are no small parts -- only small actors."

Since then, he's appeared in films alongside stars like Michael B. Jordan. He also landed a role on the hit Netflix show, "Daredevil."

He has an upcoming role on an Emmy Award-winning show that he's not allowed to talk about before it premieres this summer.