THE BRONX - The famous "pope cookie" is back at Artuso's Pastry Shop in Belmont to honor Pope Francis' visit to New York City this week.

The cookie's tradition began in 2008. Yankee Stadium was filled with people looking to see Pope Benedict in person.

That day, the famous bakery did something different instead of supplying its usual Yankees cookie. It sold a special pope cookie that was 5 inches in diameter, and very similar to the black-and-white cookie, only without the chocolate and with a picture of the pope's face.

"On a normal day we would sell about 25 cookies per day," said manager Natalia Corridori. "On this day in particular, we took 200 pope cookies with us and they sold within the hour."

The success of the cookie pushed the nearly 70-year-old bakery to do it again, this time for Pope Francis. The bakery's owner says the response has been phenomenal.

"People send them to Central America, South America, Spain," Anthony Artuso said.

The process of making the pope cookie is fairly simple. It uses colored ink, a 3-D printer and an oven that pumps the cookies out in mass quantities.