THE BRONX - Community and business leaders are calling a Castle Hill lounge a haven for fist fights and violence.

Earlier this month, police say D-Lounge patrons started a brawl inside a 24-hour deli.

Anthony DiNapoli, the owner of D-Lounge, called the incident a “stupid fight” and said that “no community people got hurt.” He told News 12 that there are three security guards on-duty on a nightly basis.

News 12 has learned D-Lounge was handed violations from New York State Liquor Authority on Friday. The charges include unlicensed bouncers, inadequate books and records, and failure to conform with their license.

“The record and history of this establishment is not a positive aspect of this community and it’s also hindering our quality of life in the area,” said Community Board 9 Chair William Rivera.

A hearing is scheduled for April 8 to determine whether the alcohol license for the establishment will be revoked.