THE BRONX - Bronx barbers hosted a haircut marathon Friday to shave down the statistics against black men facing medical illnesses.

At the Barber Factory in the Bronx people were able to get haircuts and get screened for HIV, high blood pressure, and get a standard check-up at the same time.

Teaming up with another barber shop in Harlem, the barbers started at 9:00AM and went late into Friday evening.

"An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure so we got our people to come out and get screenings – get some haircuts – and have a good time with us," said Barber Factory owner, Nestor Lebron

"Some people might not feel comfortable going to doctors' offices or hospitals – you kind of bring the doctors and the nurses or the people who are checking them out to places they are going to frequent often such as a barbershop," said a customer Lamar Valentina

More than two hundred men got their hair cut and a number of them also received private health screenings.