THE BRONX - Two Bronx brothers are making it big together with their off-Broadway play. 

“Checklist The Play” is an independent production that is co-written and financed by the Burgos brothers. So far, the play has sold out its first three shows, two at Lehman College and one in Manhattan. 

The play is a romantic comedy that hopes to tackle love and race relations. The play is all about a Bronx woman who has a checklist of what she wants in a husband, but she meets someone who changes that.

The male lead role is played by Khaled Burgos, one of the brothers behind the whole show. He was in prison for 10 years and is hoping to inspire others with the way he's turned his life around with this play.

"Some people go back to the streets, I was determined not to do that. No matter what you go through in life, if you put your effort into it, if you put preparation into it, it can happen,” says Khaled Burgos. 

The play’s fourth and final show will be at Lehman College this Sunday. Afterward, the Burgos brothers are hoping to hit the road and take their show across the country.