THE BRONX - Riders on the ?Bx5? and ?Bx8? buses are complaining that since the Metropolitan Transportation Authority changed routes, both wait times at the bus stops and travel time have gone up.

The MTA says the wait time for the ?Bx5? bus should be seven minutes during the morning rush. News 12 The Bronx cameras saw riders waiting at least 15 minutes this morning.

Starting June 27, buses on the ?Bx5? route switched from Bruckner Boulevard to Crosby Avenue, replacing the ?Bx8.? The ?Bx8? buses were rerouted to Stadium Avenue in Country Club to pick up passengers along the recently eliminated ?Bx14? route.

The MTA says these service changes will save about $1 million a year in the Bronx and about $93 million citywide. However, the changes will affect some 2,000 Bronx riders.