THE BRONX - A cab driver from the Bronx has been developing a passion for photography by using his skills to capture photographs of his passengers. 

Yaw Addae moved from Ghana to the Bronx in 1995 and started driving a taxi to make money while he pursued his passion of photography. 

He quickly realized he could merge the two together, driving people around New York City and taking their photo if they agreed. 

Addae's photo journal "Riding Yellow" was recently featured on Instagram. 

"Art is everywhere. We influence one another regardless of what we do, you know? And I just hope people can see that," Yaw said.

Emily Capkanis was one of Addae’s first passengers to be photographed.

"I actually had a terrible night and was just talking to Yaw and I was telling him my life story, which was kind of weird because I didn't know who this person was and then he told me about his photography passion and told me about how he wanted to take pictures of his passengers," Emily said. 

Yaw says it's the people at the end of his lens that represent the diversity in the city. And with every click of the camera, Yaw hopes to be one step closer to going from cab to canvas.