THE BRONX - Dozens of Catholic school teachers in the Bronx and across the state are protesting what they claim are labor law violations.

Teachers from the borough's St. Philip Neri School and other Catholic schools in New York, are rallying for a fair job contract agreement.

They say they've been working without a contract since last September and have received threats from their bosses for asking for raises. All of the teachers are part of the Archdiocese of New York and have already filed unfair labor practices charges.

"If we take the zeros, they're promising not to close schools for another two years," says teacher Jennifer Amos. "However, if we take any kind of raises, it will be on our backs that schools are closing."

Shutting the doors to school to make up for their raises is something the Catholic school teachers don't want to gamble with, but say it shouldn't be this way.

They claim that the Archdiocese of New York has additional funds from renting out some of their buildings to charter schools and also raising the tuition over the years.

Archdiocese officials say they did not want the protests to take place, and that they are disruptive to students and learning.  They added that they feel like  the contract they offered the teachers was a fair one.