THE BRONX - A Bronx family says that a hole in the ceiling of their Summit Avenue apartment makes it feel like they?re living outdoors. And they say their landlord isn?t doing anything about it.

Tenisha James claims that a water leak caused her ceiling to collapse on Feb. 4 as she lay in bed. She said she injured her neck in the accident and immediately contacted her landlord. Now she is struggling to get the landlord to repair the problem.

?He knows the apartment is hazardous because he?s been out here to see it himself,? she said. ?I know he has a wife and kids, and I know he won?t stay here.?

In the meantime, James says that she and her family are forced to sleep on couches. James said she has made two unsuccessful attempts to get the Department of Housing Preservation and Development to help. But she said she plans to keep fighting until her ceiling is fixed.