THE BRONX - A young Bronx chef is going from cooking in his kitchen to cooking in his very own restaurant in the nation's capital. 

Kwane Onwuachi is heading down to Washington D.C. where he'll open the Shaw Bijou in October. The 25-year-old started cooking at a young age after being inspired by his mother, who operated a catering company out of their one-bedroom apartment. 

Onwuachi worked in numerous kitchens as he grew older, and even became a chef on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico in 2009. After that, he returned to the Bronx, enrolled in culinary school and began selling candy on subway trains to open up his own catering business. 

However, it was the "Dinner Lab Contest" that would make his dreams come true. It sent him around the country in a competition to win your own restaurant. Onwuachi nabbed first place, leading him to Shaw Bijou, but he promises to bring a taste of the Bronx with him.