THE BRONX - Williamsbridge residents are speaking out against the new development boom in their neighborhood, claiming the local infrastructure cannot accommodate the influx of people.

Carol McGowan lives next door to the construction and says something is not right about the current situation.

?There was always a space of 3 feet in between property,? McGowan says. ?That?s no more.?

Now the space is less than 2 feet, but she says that is not the only problem. According to McGowan, 16 housing units are being built in a lot that used to be a two-family home, and down the street there are two more projects going up.

?That?s like 120 people,? she says. ?Sewage, transportation, parking - it just can?t handle this influx.?

The community coalition ?Save the Northeast Bronx? is fighting the development. Members of the group were present when a buildings inspector issued a partial stop-work order on the construction site for problems related to drainage.

The builders say, however, that all their permits are in order and the drainage problem will soon be fixed.

District manager of Community Board 12 says the board is working to change the zoning in that area. In the meantime, the coalition will hold a meeting Thursday at 7:00 p.m. at 1184 East Gun Hill Rd. in hopes of mobilizing the community. Coalition members say they want to talk about the developments and see if they can put a stop to some of them.