THE BRONX - Bronx Community College awarded a scholarship on Tuesday to honor a student who took his life last year after years of being behind bars.

Kalief Browder was imprisoned at 16 years old on Riker's Island and held without trial for three years.  Two of those years were in solitary confinement. Browder enrolled in BCC, but last year he took his own life.

The college awarded the scholarship to 46-year-old Beverly Emers, of the South Bronx. Emers says she was in and out of prison for six years for drug offenses, but is now transforming her life and wants to get into human resources.

The scholarship, which covers a full year’s tuition, is available to full-time Bronx Community College students in good academic standing who are committed to transforming their lives after incarceration.

The ceremony comes one day after the anniversary of Browder's death.