THE BRONX - The city's health department and the Bronx Community College teamed up Wednesday night to teach Bronx residents more about the Zika virus. 

Last week, New York City saw the first case of a baby being born with the virus, and 149 travel-related Zika virus cases have been reported in the Bronx as of last week. 

Though health officials say the situation is serious, they say most people do not need to get tested unless they are pregnant. They say the testing includes urine or blood tests.

There is no treatment for Zika, but medicine can help relieve the symptoms, and health officials say most people recover on their own by resting and drinking fluids. 

"Remember to take the preventative measures," says Oxiris Barbo, first deputy commissioner of the NYC Health Department. "Long sleeves to avoid mosquito bites and stay in air conditioning."

The city continues to spray for mosquitos every week to try to slow down the spread of the virus.