THE BRONX - Theresa Pearson celebrated her 101st birthday recently at an assisted living facility in the Bronx, and she got to commemorate the event in a way some of us could only dream of, with her 100-year-old husband Doc by her side. 

Their courtship started back in 1935 after the couple moved to New York from Augusta, Georgia.

Both met each other inside a diner. 

"I liked her very much when I met her,” says Doc.

They got married in the 1940s and had four children, including Randy who visits them weekly. The two share a great love for music. 

But as Randy admits, his parents’ relationship wasn’t always easy.

The couple separated for a short time after being together for 73-years but got back together at the assisted living facility in the Bronx.

Randy says his mother suffers with some dementia now and that his dad wants to help. "My father, he sees himself as taking care of her," Randy says.

Doc sat down next to his wife and wished her a happy birthday; even singing to her.  

When asked what their secret was to staying together so long, Doc replied, "It's not a secret, I think I would say it was more of luck than anything.  I am just lucky."