THE BRONX - The man accused of murdering his aunt in the Bronx used blunt force trauma to kill her, before disposing her body using trash bags and a shopping cart, according to the Bronx district attorney.  

Andros Topping, 42, was arrested Friday and charged with second-degree murder and manslaughter in connection with the disappearance of his aunt, 69-year-old Patricia Myers.

He was arraigned on the charges Saturday, and is scheduled to return to court on Tuesday.

Neighbors say Topping had been staying with his aunt after getting out of prison on parole just over two weeks ago. He served 13 years for felony assault and attempted burglary.

The 69-year-old retired nurse was known in her community as an independent older woman who insisted on getting things done on her own. Neighbors say she had lived in her Grand Concourse apartment for decades.

Police have not yet found Myers' remains, but say Topping admitted to killing her.