THE BRONX - Bronx resident Lt. George Ricco Diaz, a firefighter at Ladder 50, recently used his vacation time to travel to South Carolina to help the thousands of residents affected by Hurricane Joaquin.

Diaz is a long time member of DART, Disaster Assistance Response Team, which has 150 members from New York City.

Diaz says he has responded to dozens of disasters, but this trip to South Carolina stands out.

"The magnitude of it, the size of it. We were going from Columbia and driving three miles into Georgetown, into Andrews, that's three hours of land that’s under water," says Diaz.

Partnering with The Red Cross, he distributed aid and gave invaluable reassurance to those affected by the storm.

Diaz says he takes pride in the fact he was the only Bronx resident in South Carolina during the relief effort.