THE BRONX - Ladder 31 celebrated 100 years of dedicated and valued service to residents of the Bronx.

Retired and active firefighters took part in the milestone ceremony. As they reminisced about the past, the firefighters explain how the south Bronx went through a period of unrest.

Just 30 years ago, the FDNY considered it to be the ?war years? as the area became poor and dangerous. ?Landlords burnt down most of their properties because they said the property was valueless and because the neighborhood was supposedly going,? said one retiree.

Now firefighters of Ladder 31 say it is much different. They say it is still the best house to work in. Firefighters say although they are doing more emergencies than fires now, they have always prided themselves on providing great service to the Bronx.

Awards were dedicated to firefighters lost on Sept. 11, as well as in the 1920s. They say the camaraderie is always present. Ladder 31 members say once a firefighter, you are always welcome in any firehouse.