THE BRONX - With the price of gas in New York state higher than the bloated national average, where can Bronx residents get the best deal?

At an Ultimate gas station on Waterbury and Westchester avenues, where the average price for fuel is $4.12 a gallon, 4 cents cheaper than the state average. Drivers say that even a small savings is beneficial.

"I think it's very good ... this is where I come all the time," says Nelson Aviles. "You got to go for the cheapest."

John Barone says he looks to save any amount he can at the pump. Filling up his 1974 Ford F-350 flatbed costs more than $200, he says. Barone, however, isn't entirely convinced he is getting much of a deal at the Ultimate station.

"It's still expensive though," he says. "Even though it is one of the cheapest gas stations around."

The owners of the service station say that offering the cheapest gas in the Bronx has helped their business. They say that as long as drivers continue to fill their tanks there, prices will stay low.