THE BRONX - Members of two religions united under one roof Sunday to pray and to mourn the victims of a deadly racist attack at a Charleston, South Carolina, church.

Green Pastures Baptist Church and the Hebrew Institute of Riverdale held an interfaith ceremony at Green Pasture's Ward Avenue church, where members said skin color isn't a factor and that faith is all that matters.

They danced and raised their voices as they sang outside the church too. During the service, mourners shouted out the names of the nine people whom Dylann Roof is accused of fatally shooting because he believed that black people were "taking over the world," according to documents in the case.

"We must continue to pray because God is the only answer that could help," said Rev. Roger Hambrick, of Green Pastures. "You must be mindful to know that prayer does change things."

Leaders of both religious houses say they have known each other for about 10 years and that they come together each year to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Now they say they have even more reason to unite.

Rabbi Avi Weiss, of the Riverdale synagogue, said the time is now to stand in the face of hatred.