THE BRONX - Leaders in the borough are trying to decrease the unemployment rate.

The Bronx has the highest unemployment in the state. Officials unveiled a program called Help Identify Real Employment in hope of getting those numbers down.

With the help of a state grant, H.I.R.E. will make sure that Bronx businesses employ Bronx residents, and will establish a hands-on worker development program.

Greg Gonzalez, owner of Manhattan Parking Group, has 18 garages in the Bronx and 80 percent of his workers are from the borough. He says he will use this new program to help spread the message and get even more employees.

Leaders at a news conference said they hope to have 1,000 jobs available to the people of the Bronx over the next six months. Anyone interested in H.I.R.E should contact the Bronx Chamber of Commerce for information.