THE BRONX - A Bronx man accused of killing his girlfriend faced a judge Friday.

Police are still searching for the remains of 52-year-old Juana Alvarez, who was reported missing on Aug. 9. 

Miguel Bonilla, 44, is accused of stabbing Alvarez to death in their Grand Concourse apartment on July 11.

According to prosecutors, Bonilla admitted to police on videotape that he woke up, said "I hate you," and then stabbed Alvarez several times until she died.

Prosecutors say he took a break to listen to music, then plunged a knife into his dead girlfriend’s body. According to prosecutors, he then tossed her body into a closet and left it there for a month.

Authorities say they have surveillance video of what appears to be Bonilla rolling a shopping cart out of his building with Alvarez’s body in it. 

The victim's family says they didn't know Bonilla well, but they know Alvarez didn't deserve what happened to her. 

Bonilla has decided not to testify before a grand jury and is due back in court Sept. 6.