THE BRONX - A Bronx man charged with murder had his first testimony Thursday. Nasean Bonie is accused of killing his former tenant, Ramona Moore, in 2012. 

The main witness and neighbor, Betsy Gonzalez, testified in court saying she saw Bonie carry 10 to 15 black plastic bags the day Moore disappeared. She said she saw Moore and Bonie on the porch arguing over rent on July 31, 2012, and once police left the scene, she heard glass shattering inside the victim's home.  

Gonzalez said that was the last time she saw Moore and claims Bonie has threatened to kill her on two separate occasions. However, during cross examination, the defense eluded that Gonzalez has called the police on multiple people who she claims have threatened her in the past. 

Several NYPD officers who responded to the 2012 crime scene, as well as the city's medical examiner, are expected to testify. The trial is estimated to last for a month.