THE BRONX - A Bronx man accused killing his 14-year-old daughter last week was formally charged with murder and manslaughter Friday.

Miguel Matias appeared in court via a video feed from Bellevue Hospital, where he is being held. The district attorney presented statements Matias made to police following the death of his daughter, Anna, at his Walton Avenue apartment.

Matias said he became enraged after seeing his daughter writing ?sex things to someone on the computer.? Then Matias said he began thinking of ?crazy things.? Matias said he picked up an extension cord, tied a knot with it and used it to strangle his daughter. Police say that he then stripped off her clothes and placed her body in a furnace.

His defense attorney said Matias has a history of mental issues. Matias was ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation and will next appear in court on March 25.