THE BRONX - A Morrisania man claims that he was the victim of police brutality during his recent arrest, which was caught on tape.

Jeffeth James says he did nothing to warrant being stopped by police, roughly pulled out of his car and bound nearly two weeks ago.

James says the officers then proceeded to attack him, hitting him in the head, stomping on his face, kicking him and tearing off his clothes.

According to the criminal complaint, the arresting officer said he initially stopped James for having a defective license plate light. However, attorney Aaron Wallenstein, who represents James, says because the incident happened during the day, there was no way the officer could have seen whether the light was out.

After writing a summons, the officer said James sped off without warning. An NYPD spokesperson says James refused numerous orders to stop, shouted obscenities and declared that he was not stopping.

James faces six misdemeanor charges, including assault, resisting arrest and reckless driving. He has no prior criminal record.

James has already filed a report with the Civilian Complaint Review Board against the officers involved in his arrest. His attorney says once the criminal charges are settled, he will consider filing a civil lawsuit.