THE BRONX - The Bronx man accused of killing a deli worker after stealing a police officer's gun was indicted on murder charges Friday.

Efrain Guzman, 30, was charged with 19 counts, including two counts of attempted murder on a police officer. Guzman pleaded not guilty to the top charge of first-degree murder, telling the court he did not kill 49-year-old Wali Camara.

According to investigators, Guzman entered N&A Foods on East 198th Street in Fordham on Aug. 9 and begged for money. Camara, a worker there, threw him out. Guzman then went across to A&M Deli on East 198th Street and Valentine Avenue, where he demanded money and tried to get behind the counter.

Investigators say he assaulted the worker and fought with other workers, and Camara came to help them. 

Police officers Jorge Monge and Sean Kern responded and broke up the fight. As they were escorting Guzman out of the store, prosecutors say he took the gun out of Monge's holster and began firing. Police say he fired more than 15 shots, fatally striking Camara. 

Members of the Black Lives Matter Movement appeared in court to support the victim's family and called for justice in the case. Community leaders say they are calling on the NYPD to issue new police holsters to all officers.

Guzman is due back in court on Nov. 28.