THE BRONX - A Bronx man is behind bars for allegedly breaking into a Brooklyn home and robbing a woman. 

According to authorities, 39-year-old Jeffery Robinson broke into an apartment while a woman slept this past Sunday, and they don't believe it was the only time he's done something like that. 

Police sources say Robinson is suspected of at least three other similar cases in which the homes of women in their 20s were broken into while they were asleep during overnight hours. He allegedly makes his way inside through a window or unlocked front door, and each incident happened in the Bed-Stuy section of Brooklyn. 

Investigators also report that in two of the cases, the victim's necks were grabbed during the burglary. In one case, $2,500 worth of electronics was stolen. The suspect in one of the cases was also caught on camera as he ran down the street. 

Robinson is facing burglary and assault charges, but he could face more if he's charged in connection with the other three cases.