THE BRONX - One Bronx resident is thankful for a second chance after years behind bars. 
Charles Torian is one of several former inmates pardoned by President Barack Obama this year. Torian says he is grateful to President Obama and thankful to the Osborne Association for helping him adjust to life outside of prison.
Torian served more than 15 years of his 30-year sentence for a cocaine offense  before receiving his pardon in December.
Through the Osborne Association's Train to Work Program, the 51-year-old was able to transition from a halfway house to a full-time worker. 
The program helps formerly incarcerated men and women adjust to life outside of prison. In a year, the organization has placed more than 130 clients seeking a fresh start. 
Torian now works in the food industry and says he feels blessed to get a second chance to redeem himself. He now plans to attend culinary school to become a professional chef.