THE BRONX - A Bronx mother's NYCHA apartment has fallen into such disrepair that she has to use her bathtub like a kitchen sink, she says.

Ciera Solis, a mother of two, says the water pipes in her kitchen broke three months ago.

"I have to wash my rice and my meat in the tub," she says. "It's disgusting."

She also does the dishes in the same space, then has to disinfect it so her kids can bathe.

She says the problem first happened about a month after she moved into the Melrose Houses. Maintenance workers came and removed a section of her wall, where she says they found rotted, leaking pipes. Solis recorded video of the damage and posted it to YouTube.

She says she contacted NYCHA and 311, and officials granted her an appointment to fix the problem. But it's not until August.

NYCHA says it's addressing the issue, and that the disrepair is "not acceptable" in the apartment.