THE BRONX - A Bronx mom is blaming the death of her 5-month-old on a 911 dispatcher.

Julia Knight says she woke up last Friday at around 7 a.m. to find her daughter, Isabella, unconscious. She immediately called 911, but claims it was another 25 minutes before first responders arrived.

The 32-year-old mother says the dispatcher kept saying that her East 169th Street address was not correct, even though she's been living inside the NYCHA building for the past year, and it is a known and working address.

News 12 The Bronx has learned that the nearest EMS location is just four blocks away from Knight's building on East 169th Street and Boston Road.

Police finally arrived more than 23 minutes after the call was made and EMTs arrived minutes after that. The baby was then rushed to Lincoln Hospital, but was pronounced dead within the hour.

Knight says she will be questioning the actions of that 911 dispatcher for the rest of her life.

Authorities say the incident is under investigation, and the 911 dispatcher has been reassigned.