THE BRONX - The family of a Bronx mother and daughter is searching for their loved ones after the duo took a trip to Rochester and never returned.

Sasha Davis, 30, her daughter Selah, 4 months, and a friend left last month to visit an acquaintance from high school. Davis left her 8-year-old daughter behind.

Family and friends say everything seemed completely normal the day Davis and Selah left. They say they never dreamed that when they walked out that day, it would be for the last time.

Davis? aunt turned her Bronx salon into a command post, using the building to hand out flyers and plead for help.

?We just want to know something,? Tameka Ashley, Davis? friend, says. ?If she?s alive, if she?s dead ? we need closure.?

The family says they knew something was wrong when Davis? cell phone was turned off. They say they went straight to the Rochester Police Department, who they claim isn?t very helpful.

?They're not very forceful with the investigation and we want to know what's going on,? family friend Tanya Greenwood says.

The family says it is not in Davis? character to disappear, which is why they took matters into their own hands. They contacted the acquaintance who Davis was on the way to visit ? and he says he never saw Davis, Selah or the friend.

Davis? family is left praying that their love will bring them back. They say they just want to know what happened to their loved ones. They say if it is possible, they are going to take a trip to Rochester to see if they can find Davis and Selah.

The family asks anyone with information on Davis? disappearance to call the police immediately.