THE BRONX - A Bronx mother was charged in court Tuesday in the deaths of her two children who perished in a Claremont apartment fire.

Haya Konte is facing two negligent homicide charges and two child endangerment charges after leaving her toddlers, 18-month-old Amanda Jabie and 2-year-old Jannubi Jabie, home alone on April 13 while she was at a laundromat.

Investigators say Konte was shown on a surveillance video spending nearly 40 minutes in the laundromat before realizing that her apartment was on fire. They say incense was lit inside the apartment and came into contact with combustible material.

In a written statement District Attorney Darcel Clark said, "The loss of these two young girls is a devastating consequence of their mother's seemingly innocuous actions."

Ten others were also injured during the fire.

Konte pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Clark says Konte was released after her court appearance Tuesday after giving up her passport. She is due back in court on Sept. 7.