THE BRONX - A Bronx mother says she needs help for her son with autism.

Teena Justino is a mother of eight, and four of her children have autism. She says she fears for her children's safety because of a faulty window.

"A random person could come into the house and open this window by cutting this string and just go in," she says.

Justino first contacted News 12 in June about window alarms being installed to prevent her 7-year-old son from running off. She says her son Dwayne is nonverbal and prone to run off, which he did at least twice last month before the alarms were installed.

The Bronx mom also claims she has been trying for months to get the Administration of Children's Services to provide specialized in-home care for her special-needs children.

"I just need help for my son instead of having me in court, help me help him," she says.

Justino says the family currently has an active case with the ACS. She says Dwayne has the most severe symptoms out of her four children with autism.

News 12 reached out to ACS and the Department of Homeless Services about Justino's case and because of confidentiality laws, they say they cannot comment on the case.