THE BRONX - A Bronx nonprofit organization has been working overtime this holiday season so local residents less fortunate could have a delicious Christmas meal.

God?s Love We Deliver brought more than 2,100 free holiday feasts to Bronx families on Christmas Day. Volunteers started preparing the meals at 4 a.m. and cooked more than 2,000 Cornish hens, 900 pounds of vegetables and 120 gallons of soup.

Bronx resident Aracelis Lozaba, a mother of three, say God?s Love We Deliver helps get her family through tough times during the holiday season.

?I've been getting meals from them for a while now and they've been great with me and the kids,? Lozaba says. ?It's terrific.?

Volunteers say there?s also something in it for them and they look forward to helping out every year. Organizers say more than 450 volunteers helped prepare and deliver meals, but they?re always looking for more.

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