THE BRONX - An ad from Coors Light for the upcoming Puerto Rican Day Parade is causing controversy among Puerto Ricans in The Bronx as some feel that the ad compares being Puerto Rican to being drunk.

The ad features the slogan "emboricuate," a made-up word Coors says means "to become Puerto Rican." However, some believe the slogan sounds too much like "emborrachate," which means "to get drunk."

"In other words, they're saying only the Puerto Ricans are the ones who get drunk," says Eddie Dejesus, with some agreeing the ad suggests drinking represents Puerto Rican culture. Not everyone is offended however, as others say the ad is harmless. One resident says there's worse things to be upset about.

In a statement, Miller-Coors says its company would never encourage drunkenness, and that the ad simply is meant to encourage everyone to celebrate Puerto Rican culture.

Coors Light is one of the corporate sponsors of the Puerto Rican Day Parade, and a parade spokesman says no one has filed a complaint in the three years the ads have been running.