THE BRONX - A Bronx man wants to put an end to trucks idling on his street and he's asking for the city's help to finally get something done.

David Lewis says he and his neighbors have had to deal with the problem of delivery trucks ever since Palm Tree Market Place opened in 2007 on Grace Avenue. Lewis says some trucks make illegal left turns to get in and out of the store, while others inch out, causing a traffic jam. Some 18-wheelers can take a half-hour just to back into the lot. Lewis also says that during the week, up to six trucks will idle on the street.

Since 2007, Lewis says he's written to the mayor, the 47th Precinct and the Department of Transportation about the problems and has never heard back.

Councilman Andy King (D-The Bronx) finally met with Lewis on Monday to talk about possible solutions. King and Lewis agree that there needs to be another entrance to the building.

The owner says they have tried to move the entrance to the Boston Road side and even got 1,000 customers to sign a petition. But, the DOT said no because of a bus stop near the area.

King says he is going to meet with the DOT, the MTA and the store's owner next week. The store's owner says he's aware of the concerns and is trying to reorganize delivery times and tell trucks drivers not to idle in front of homes.