THE BRONX - Carmen Ramos says while she was helping her mother move out of the Boston Secor Houses on Thursday, she accidently threw at least eight family photo albums in the trash. 

"I was a nervous wreck," Ramos said. "I can't believe I did something so stupid."

The albums were moved from the front of the housing complex to the back and put in the compressing bins. Although the albums are still in the complex, Ramos says that New York City Housing Authority staff won't help get them out.

"I'm mad at myself for making the mistake, but we all make mistakes," Ramos said. "I'm more mad at the housing development."

NYCHA told News 12 that emptying a container could pose health and safety risks.

"Unfortunately yesterday's trash had already been packed into containers for disposal at the end of the day," NYCHA told News 12 in a statement. "Emptying the container on NYCHA grounds could pose a health and safety risk."

However, NYCHA staff now says they are working with the Department of Sanitation to make sure Ramos has the opportunity to try and get her photo albums back.