SOUNDVIEW - A Bronx resident has traveled to Syria to join the fight against Islamic State. Robert Rose enlisted to fight alongside Kurdish forces.

In December, Rose went on his first tour of duty with the Kurdish force YPG, who are trying to push the Islamic State terror group out of Syria and northern Iraq.

"I feel that I am out here not just fighting for the Kurds, but I am fighting for my country as well," said Rose during an interview with NBC News.

Rose left for his second tour on July 6. His family in Soundview tells News 12 The Bronx they can only communicate with him when he is able to call.

According to his parents, Rose wanted to join the U.S. military when he was 18, but couldn't because he is a single parent and has tattoos.

A spokesperson for the State Department says they are aware that U.S. citizens have joined the group that fights against the Islamic State, but they don't condone it.