THE BRONX - Ruth Papazian is showcasing Morris Park Avenue through her own eyes with the help of Google Glass.

The Bronx resident won a contest held by Google on Twitter called "If I Had Glass" where they asked users what they would do with the wearable technology.

"I tweeted 'If I had glass I would be the only hipster in the Bronx, I would blog about why the Bronx deserves respect and a Whole Foods on Morris Park Avenue,'" said Papazian.

For the past two months, Papazian has taken thousands of photos and videos of storefronts on Morris Park Avenue including going behind the scenes of local bakeries and other places in the community.

She captured these moments hands-free with just a push of a button on her glasses.

Papazian's next project is to film an entire documentary, which she will call "The Way of the Future."

As of now Google Glass is not available to the public. The company has handpicked individuals to beta test the new product, which could be available as early as the end of 2013.