THE BRONX - Residents of the Bronx who tried to register for the Nov. 4 election through the Rock the Vote campaign say they may not be able to vote because of mistakes with their paperwork.

Jaimie Neiberg says that she, like thousands of others, registered for the presidential election through Rock the Vote.

"It was really simple," she says, explaining that all she had to do was go online, print out a form, make a copy of her driver's license and then mail everything out to an address she was given.

However, Neiberg says the Rock the Vote application prints out with the New York State Board of Election's Albany address, not local county offices, causing a delay.

"It was Oct. 10 and I was wondering why I hadn't received confirmation and I talked to someone in my office ? who said that she hadn't received confirmation [either]," Neiberg says.

Officials say that anyone who registered through Rock the Vote and hasn't received confirmation can still go to a local polling site and cast an affidavit ballot. However, it doesn't guarantee that the vote will be counted.